Monday, May 2, 2011

April Update

This April the kids were out of school for 5 days for spring break.  We decided that since we couldnt go out of town we were going to do fun activities every day.  So Thursday we took the kids bowling they had a blast.  CC and Baylee were hilarious they kept competing against each other CC one the first game and Baylee the second.  And of course Jeff beat us all!!! and had to keep rubbing it in!!  Friday we went the Jump N Bounce cause we had free passes to get in.  They all loved it we were there for 3 hours and they did not want to leave.  Saturday we got haircuts for the boys so they would look good for Easter.  Andrew came Easter shopping with me and we had a blast I love that he can help in all that now its fun to have him pick out stuff for his sisters!! 

I told the kids this year that we weren't going to decorate Easter eggs cause I'm tired of being the one to deal with it all while Jeff watches TV.  I hate the fights and the spills over the colors with 5 kids so I didn't want to deal with it this year.  Ciarra says to me " but I'm still your baby and you cant not do it for me"  So of course feeling guilty while Jeff was visiting his parents with the kids me and Andrew boiled and got all the eggs ready so they could color them when they got home.  One of these days the Easter bunny is not going to come and worry about this anymore hopefully in 3 years we can stop!!!

Easter was a blast the kids had a lot of fun!!  The girls loved getting their hair all curled and couldn't wait to put on their new dresses and shoes!!  They were so funny telling me the real reason why we celebrate Easter and to celebrate the gift of birth and new life!!  And they went crazy posing thinking they were all sexy divas we laughed and had  a good time all day.  We enjoyed a relaxing dinner at grandpa and grandmas and had a fun easter egg hunt afterwards.  I for one have always loved Easter, seeing all the girls in their new dresses and the boys in their new shirts and ties is like going to a fashion show!!  But I still hate coloring eggs!!!!

On Monday on their last day off of school the boys decided they wanted to hang out with their friends so me and the girls went to a movie.  Baylee picked "HOP"  what  a cute movie!!  They loved it Baylee kept getting mad at Ciarra cause when she is enjoying herself in a movie and loving it she has to comment on everything.  So she kept telling her to shut up!!  Other than Baylee getting mad and frustrated with her we had a good time.  I love having mommy, daughter dates with my girls.  They grow up so fast and I hope they will always want to hang out with their cool mom even after they are 16 and they hate me!! 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!!  Now that the kids are getting older Valentines is getting more and more fun and more interesting with the kids!!   I was helping the girls write their Valentines out and me and Jeff were asking Andrew if he wanted us to get any chocolate roses for any of his Valentines and he just smiles at us and says no cause he of course does not want mom to know what girls he likes.  (Go Figure).  So I was getting ready to go to work Sunday night and Baylee comes up to me and says "you know how you told Andrew you would get him chocolate roses for his valentines well what about me for mine?"  WOW!!  Baylee who is your Valentine??  No one I was just wondering if it applied to me also.  After 10 minutes of grilling her low and behold she has a boyfriend at school named Pablo who she made an extra Valentines card for and she wanted to give him chocolates so he knows she likes him back.   Girl you are 7 years old seriously not already into this crap are you.  She was so dissappointed Monday when I didn't give her a chocolate rose to give to him. She was mad at me all day yesterday.  I am not looking forward to my girls liking boys she already has a plan that when Brayden's friend Davis Misrasi gets back from his mission that she will just barely be graduating and she can marry him.  Man she is prepared I will give her that she already has her future planned out for her. 

Valentines Day was great!!!  Jeff only had to work half a day and a nice lady at my work picked my shift up so were able to finally have a date night after 3 weeks of no seeing each other for more than an hour a day.  We went and saw the movie "Just Go With It"  it was hilarious I have not laughed that much in  a long time!!  highly recommended if you want to see a good movie!!  I don't know why they have a day dedicated for love day cause I believe every day is love day!!  I don't know what I would do without the love of my husband and kids everyday!!  I don't think I would make it through the week if I didn't hear or see how much I am loved by my family.  Without them I would have to be drugged up to keep me out of my slump that I am in. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lexi's Cooking Lesson

I started this thing with my kids that they each need to learn how to cook so when the move out on their own they will be prepared.  Andrew does awesome at it and has even taken cooking classes at school cause he enjoys it soo much.  Well Lexi started showing interest in doing harder cooking now and not just basic.  I had soo much fun with Lexi Tuesday night. She decided that she wanted to cook something more advanced so she pulled out my Hooters Cook book and flipped through it and picked a receipe.  So after school Tuesday we had everything to make the Mini meat loaves except for sausage so she walked through the grocery store picked out the sausage and a vegetable and went home and got started.  She was soo cute scrubbing the potatoes and mixing all the ingredients for her meal.  She of course made me mix it with my hands cause there was no way she was going to touch it.  But she thought it was a riot to stuff the meat mixture inside of the cup cake pans.  The house smelled sooo dang good all the kids kept walking in and saying how delicious everything smelled.  You did an awesome job Lex best meal this week by far!!  I highly recommend the receipe.  For just one pan of 12 it calls for 1 lb hamburger, 1 lb ground sausage (mild) 1/4 chopped green pepper, 1 garlic clove pressed, can use chopped onion (opt), 1/2 cup italian bread crumbs,  2 eggs, salt and pepper to taste, 2 TBSP Woercheshire sauce, mix and press in greased cup cake tins and bake for 30 min on 400 delish !!!  It was such a learning experience for her between the corn bread the meatloaf receipe and the stuffed potatoes she got a lot of math practice in with all the measurements.   

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Reflections Contest

We are so proud of Brayden he won in the schools Reflections Contest in photography and was sent on to Region.  He was so excited to go see if he won again.  He didn't win region but he did get an Honorable Mention for a judges favorite so he was happy!!  Out of 45 entries they only picked 4 winners to move on to District and they only had 3 Honorable Mentions or judges favorites so he was pretty proud of himself. When I get his entry back I will post picture of what he entered. 

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

Our family would like to wish you all a Happy New Year.  We had to redo our blog cause our old email does not work anymore so I promise from here on out to keep you all updated a lot more than the past year.  We all had a wonderful Christmas even with Mom being sick all the kids helped out a lot and Jeff you are a lifesaver thanks for helping with all the last minute shopping.  Christmas was always my favorite time of year and now that my kids are getting older they are getting more and more expensive so I'm thinking not so much fun anymore!! 

This Christmas Jeff told everybody he wasn't going to decorate the outside he was going to be a grinch this year but the kids and the neighborhood kids talked him into it and of course he gave in.  Thanks Sheryl for talking his decorating at Bunko since I was hosting December he had to live up to your comments. 

For New years Jeff and my brothers took the kids to the horses and pulled the kids on the sleds they all had a blast.  Brayden and Andrew were soo excited they got on Patches bare back and didn't get bucked off!!  I have learned this year so far not to play Super Mario Brothers with my boys instead of working as a team they love to pick me up and throw me off cliffs.  Thanks boys LOVE you too!!  Hopefully this year will be a wonderful one for us and all of our friends and family.  We wish you all the best this year and years to come!!!